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Fairly asked questions

If the answers to your questions can’t be found here, please feel free to reach out to us.

  • How can I sign up for your service?
    To open an account with us, you simply have to fill out the form which is available online.
  • How much does your service cost?
    Signing up to is free. You only pay for the projects that you are interested in and that you accept. The fee to pay for the referrals will usually vary between 20$ and 150$ depending on the size of the project’s estimated value and the quality of the lead. Therefore, you can retain full control over how much money you are willing to spend and you can stay on-budget. Also, since you pay on a per-project basis, you know exactly what your return on investment amounts to. We don’t charge commissions. If you sign a contract, the money’s all yours!
  • How does the service work?
    Whenever a client has a project which is in your area and is within the services that you offer, you will receive an email informing you about this project. This message will include basic information, such as a brief description of the work to be done, the geographical location and the time delay to know when the client is looking to complete the project. If you click “yes” and accept the project, we will send you a more detailed description of the project, including the client’s name, phone number, email and address so you can contact them directly to discuss the project and meet in person, if needed.
  • How many service providers are referred for each project?
    When filling out the project form, the client will tell us how many service providers they want. This number will vary from 1 to 4. If you accept a project, try to contact the client as soon as possible in order to maximize your chances of setting up a meeting and eventually, signing a contract. We send a limited number of service providers but this doesn’t mean that the clients aren’t looking elsewhere.
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