Tiny homes are more exposed to the elements than traditional houses, especially if you build one in an elevated location with a great view of the surrounding. This can be a problem, especially in winter, as most tiny homes lack the amenities like HVAC or LPG heating furnaces.

The easiest and the most eco-friendly way to keep your tiny home warm is to get a wood stove. 

Let’s see what tiny house stoves are worth getting this year. But before that, let’s answer one key question.

Why get a wood stove at all?

Convenience and security

Many tiny homes are built to be portable, so when you move your home to a different location, you don’t have to worry about the heating installation. 

With a wood stove, you can keep your living space warm off-grid with no electric power, using available, cheap, or even free fuel, depending on your location. 

Even if you have an electric or propane heater, wood is a great backup heat source when the power goes out, or the propane tank fizzles dry. 

Sourcing firewood is easy in most parts of the world, and you can easily store it in large quantities by just keeping it covered with a tarp. 


And in a case of emergency, such as a statewide power outage or extreme weather event, the ability to use locally-sourced fuel for heating can be a lifesaver. 


Many wood stoves have cooking surfaces, so you can use them to prepare food. You can heat water, make your morning breakfast in a cast iron skillet, or cook the stew for dinner on the same stove that provides heat to your home. 

Some stoves have a water boiler or jacket attachment, so you can heat water and distribute it to other areas of your home using radiators. 

A wood stove with a water jacket can also work alongside a solar water heating system to ensure you have hot water throughout the year.


Wood stoves provide a powerful dry heat output, which is important for homes that struggle with moisture control. Humidity can become a serious problem in tiny homes, especially in winter, when condensation accumulates on walls and windows. The best way to prevent mold growth is to use a wood stove and dehumidify the air while heating your home. 


If I had to choose between watching TV or real fire flickering in my living room on a cold winter afternoon, I’d go with a wood stove. Gather your family and pets around the fire and enjoy the warmth on your skin and the faint smell of wood smoke in the air. 

How to choose a wood stove for your tiny home?

If you’ve never shopped for a stove before, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

BTU rating

When it comes to wood stoves, bigger is not better. Unlike electric furnaces, which have multiple heat settings, wood stove air controls allow you to adjust the burn rate in a narrow range. 

Pick a stove too large, and you’ll never be able to burn a regular fire without overheating your home. Get a stove too small, and you’ll have to feed your stove round the clock, and even worse, not be able to meet your heating needs. 


You have to match your stove to the size of your place, climate, and usage. 

You can use BTU calculators to tell how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) your home needs. Use an average cold winter day for sizing, not the coldest winter day you can remember. This way, you’ll avoid going over your needs. 

Air Controls

Look for a stove with airtight controls, as you’ll find it easier to control than a stove that leaks a lot of air. In addition, stoves with several separate air controls allow more precise control over the fire for longer, more efficient burns. 

Features and accessories

Wood stoves with a top exit have a compact size, which is more suitable for mobile homes. On the other hand, stoves with a rear exit have larger top cooking surfaces. Also, you need to consider whether you would mount your stove directly on the floor, on a wood storage island, or hang it on the wall. 

If your tiny home is more-less airtight, you need a way to supply the fresh air directly to the stove from outside. 

Other features you want to consider are the water heater, heat shield, bake oven,  glass window, black finish, etc. 


If your tiny house is subject to building codes, or you want to insure it, you may need a state-certified wood stove. 

Ask your local code enforcement or insurance company to see your options. Smaller wood stoves, such as camp stoves, are not certified for residential use, which can significantly limit your options. 

Top 6 best tiny house wood-burning stoves

Let’s check out some of the hottest wood stove options for small houses. 

  1. Drolet Escape 1800 EPA Certified Wood Stove

This Drolet Escape mini wood stove is among the best wood burners for heating a tiny home. It has an EPA certification, which means you can install it in your house and not worry about codes. 


What do you get?

  • Ash drawer
  • Ash lip
  • Top air deflector
  • Air damper for improved airflow and safety
  • Steel thickness 3/16" body, 5/16" top
  • Burn time: 8 hrs
  • Weight: 392 pounds


  • Good burn efficiency rating
  • Alloy steel body
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Sleek & stylish look


  • The glass on the window gets dirty quickly
  1. Ashley Hearth Pedestal Wood Burning Stove

The Ashley Hearth stove manufacturers are known for their efficient stove models. The Pedestal is popular among tiny house owners because it is an affordable option that can heat homes with even large floor space.

Thanks to their clear burning technology, you get a plant of heat per unit of cordwood and less ash. 


What do you get?

  • Ash drawer
  • Firebrick lined
  • Heats up to 2,000 square feet
  • Heat output of 89,000 BTUs 


  • Heats a large area
  • Nickel door handle & smooth black finish
  • Firebricks hold heat for several hours 


  • Blower sold separately
  1. US Stove Logwood Cast Iron Stove

The Logwood EPA-certified wood stove is perfect for tiny homes. Its old-fashioned look will make it feel at home in any cottage-styled interior. 


What do you get?

  • Cooking surface on top
  • Full metal stove with cast iron body
  • Heat output of 54,000 BTUs


  • Great stove for cooking 
  • 2-piece safety handles 
  • Stylish old-fashioned look 


  • Lower BTUs than some competitors but still enough for a tiny house
  • No glass window
  • Not approved for use in mobile homes 
  1. Grizzly Cubic Mini Wood Stove

Another high-quality stove for homeowners that need all the counter space they can get. Grizzly produces some of the best wood stove models money can get. The Cubic Mini Wood Stove is the smallest wood stove on this list and will take only smaller logs. Still, it has a clean burn that gets the job done and a reasonable price. 


What do you get?

  • Eco-friendly —- produces very little smoke
  • Removable rail to use the flat top surface as a cooking area
  • Steel construction


  • Secondary combustion system
  • Removes humidity from the room
  • Safe installation and operation 


  • Smaller than the other wood stoves on this list but the perfect option for people with little room to spare.
  1. Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 Classic Wood Stove

The T4 Classic is another option for people looking for a historical-looking wood-burning stove with porcelain enamel. 

But there’s more to this stove than just the look. It has a long burn time and a clean, efficient output. 

The Alderlea is safe to use even in mobile homes. Still, this wood stove is not cheap, whether you choose the ivory or maiolica finish. 


What do you get?

  • Floating firebox for extended life
  • Heat output of 56,000 BTUs
  • Beautiful jewel-like chestnut porcelain enamel
  • Cast iron over steel construction


  • Easy-to-use ashtray
  • Doesn’t need heat shields
  • Mobile home-approved


  • The weight of 405 lbs
  • Not a very affordable price
  1. Hearthstone Heritage Soapstone Wood Stove

This tiny wood stove has a clean burn rate and is among the most energy-efficient options on this list. 

It has an elegant stone look with wood trim, perfect for tiny house decor.

This soapstone and iron stove is an excellent alternative to Cubic Mini wood stoves. 

With an ash drawer and loading side door, there’s little more than one can ask from a wood stove of this size. 


If I were looking for a wood stove that provides plenty of heat without taking up much space, this one would be at the top of my list. 

What do you get?

  • TruHybrid™ system for only 0.54 g/hr particle emissions
  • Side-loading door
  • Soapstone and cast iron construction


  • Large glass window
  • The secondary and tertiary combustion system
  • Soapstone for extra radiant heat


  • A bit less clearance space
  • More delicate than full-cast iron stoves

Non-wood tiny house stove options

Now let’s list a couple of honorable mentions of electrical and gas stoves for tiny houses for homeowners who prefer turning the switch to chopping firewood. 

Still, keep in mind that electric and prone stoves have a big downside - they don’t provide heating. 

Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop

This electric stove is a great option for homeowners who run their tiny houses on solar power. It comes with two induction burners that offer precise heat and an exceptional cooking experience. 


Each burner has its own heat control, while the smooth glass surface is easy to maintain. 

What do you get?

  • Exhaust- and flame-free cooktop
  • Bright LED display
  • Even heating with no hotspots
  • Touch controls


  • Uses 70% less energy than conventional cooktops
  • You can use it outside
  • Burners shut off automatically after 30 seconds


  • Can’t use it for heating
  • Needs a power source to run
  • Only to use with induction-ready cookware

Gas ONE GS-1000 Portable Butane Stove

The GS-1000 is a great choice for tiny homes with neither grid electricity nor firewood access. 

With a single burner cooktop, it’s one of the most fuel-efficient gas stoves available. 


What do you get?

  • Enamel-coated metal body with a steel drip pan
  • Injection-safety feature - ejects the canister if a leak is detected
  • CSA-certified


  • Weighs only 3.1 lbs
  • Automatic ignition - no matches needed
  • Silent operation


  • Can’t use it for heating
  • Outdoor use only


How Does a Wood Stove Work?

A wood stove works by burning wood. The heat from the fire radiates through the outer layer of the stove warming up the space.  

Can you put a wood-burning stove in a tiny house?

Yes, you can put a wood-burning stove in a tiny house. Small wood-burning stoves take up little space and are easy to install. 

Where Do You Put a Wood Stove in a Tiny House?

You should put a wood stove in a central location of your tiny house, for the best results. Just make sure it’s near the wall because you need access to the chimney pipe.

Where to Buy Tiny House Wood Stoves?

You can buy your tiny house wood stove online or at specialty shops. Amazon also stocks a wide range of wood-burning tiny house stoves.


While all tiny house stoves listed here are different in some way, we can confidently say that the best all-rounder is the Drolet Escape 1800 Wood Stove. It comes with EPA certification, which makes it safe to use in a wide range of tiny houses. It has a great burning time and a stylish look. 

With its firebrick-lined hearth that can warm even 2,000-square-foot homes, the Ashland Hearth Pedestal is a close runner-up. The sleek nickel and polished black exterior will feel at home in more modern tiny house setups.