houses are not novelties and haven’t been for some time. Faced with increasing real-estate prices, new generations of landowners are more than ready to embrace and explore the benefits of tiny living.

However, living in a tiny house is so much more than mere downsizing. You need to think smart and shop smart. Here are some of the best ideas for tiny house furniture to get you inspired in your search.

Wall-mounted table

Most tiny homeowners are concerned with square footage of their floor but tend to overlook the amount of space available on their walls. 

Fix a small yet usable table to your wall, and you use up a vertical space that could otherwise go empty.

You can choose between a minimalist bartop-style area or a larger 3-4 person table. When it’s time for a meal, you deploy it, and when you need extra space, you fold it up against the wall. 

Coupled with a comfy folding chair, a wall-mounted table also doubles as a great workstation - a great alternative to a corner desk. 


This rustic wall-mounted table from Top Notch Carpentry of Eureka, CA, can unfold its top twice to double the size. These tables are custom-made, so you can choose the size and finish that fits your tiny house size and look. 

Nesting side tables

Nesting tables are small tables that stack one under another to save space when not in use. They usually come in sets of two or three and have varying heights. These tables are trending both in tiny and regular homes, and there are plenty of modern and stylish options to choose from. They are light and easy to move around, so you can use them both as side tables and coffee tables for hosting guests. 


This set of industrial-style Vasagle nesting coffee tables can easily become a focal point of your space, especially when paired with an eye-catching rug. 

Set them one edging the other as a coffee set, or just place them at different spots in your tiny home, wherever you need a tabletop. 

Modular sofas

Modular or sectional sofa beds are a must-have for tiny houses because they consist of chair-sized pieces that can stand alone or be rearranged to form U- or L-shaped sofas of different sizes. 

Add ottomans to sofa arrangements, and you can convert the living room into a space-saving and comfortable sleeping area. 


This modular Friheten Sofa from Ikea comes with a lounge section that swings up for hidden storage and has an expandable section that turns it into a comfy double bed. 

Murphy bed

The wall bed idea might be old, but it’s still around because it’s a convenient and easy-to-use solution for overnight guests.

You can upgrade a traditional guest bed that folds up against the wall or into a closet by choosing one that doubles as a desk when folded or adds additional storage with overhead drawers and shelves. 


You can customize this Metropolitan Murphy Bed with hutch options, colors, drawers, doors, and bed sizes. 

A default version comes with one side hutch with shelves for storage, while doors and drawers can be added as an extra. 

As an alternative, you can also consider fold-down bunk beds that fold down flat against the wall when not in use.

This is a great way to add extra beds to your tiny house, especially if you can’t get a good deal on one of those couches that elevate and convert into adult bunk beds.

Bathroom cabinet and storage

Ok, here’s the deal. The wall above your toilet is the most unused space in the house. Until you prove me wrong, consider mounting a cabinet, a few adjustable shelves, or an all-in-one shelving unit directly over the toilet. Just make sure to close the doors before you, you know, get up. 


This Veikous Over-the-Toilet Storage Cabinet has an open area for easy access to toilet paper, soap, reading materials, and other bathroom necessities. 

The upper storage compartment is hidden from plain sight behind two closed doors. The manufacturer has three colors available — the natural one made of high-quality bamboo and white and gray version made of fiberboard.  

Double leaf tables

If you don’t like the idea of a counter-like wall-mounted table, a drop-leaf table is another space saver that works in tiny houses.

These tables have a fixed middle section and two hinged leaves on either side that fold down. When the leaves are folded, the table is compact and easy to store.

And when you throw a dinner party in your tiny house, just unfold the leaves and bring out the food. 


This Mid-Century Modern Rubberwood Drop-Leaf Dining Table takes very little space when folded. You can unfold both leaves and put it in the middle of the room or keep one folded and prop it against the wall. And here’s the best part — there’s hidden storage inside for up to four folding chairs — unfortunately not delivered with the table. 

Trundle bed

Trundle beds are low beds on wheels that roll out from under another bed or platform to provide sleeping space for extra guests. 

Remember that scene in Fifth Element when Father Cornelius gets cling-filmed in one in Korben Dallas’ ultra-tiny apartment? 

This is not an exercise. This is a police control…


I visited a house on wheels that was custom designed with office space on a raised platform, which provided space for roll-out trundle beds underneath. 

Futon sofa

A futon sofa is another popular piece of furniture that allows you to maximize the activity space. 

These sofas don’t take up much space and convert quickly from a seating position to a sleeping area. They are also lighter than traditional sofa beds, so they are more practical for houses on wheels that are towed. 


The Muuegm Futon Sofa Bed can be a sofa couch, a comfortable lounge, a personal split back, or sleeper sofa bed. It’s fully adjustable thanks to its sturdy metal frame and high-density foam. 

Floor seat cushions

Comfy floor seat cushions can supplement your sofa you have extra guests over. They are also a perfect option for small loft spaces that don’t have much overhead space to fit regular seating. 

If you’re into the bohemian look, you can’t ignore these Boho Round Floor Seat Cushions.


They are made from eco-friendly cotton fabric, which is allergen-free. The 4 inches of cotton filling will help you relieve pressure and relax in any space. 

Lift top extendable coffee tables

A lift top extendable coffee table is a coffee table, storage compartment, and desk hybrid. The table top lifts up to double as a more ergonomic desk with a hidden space for storage underneath. 

A great solution for people who work from their tiny homes. 


This Bestier Rustic Brown Lift Top Coffee Table has a heavy-duty mechanism allowing you to adjust the tabletop from 18” to 23” easily and quietly. The hidden compartment underneath is perfect for keeping your laptop, remotes, and game controllers. 

In fact as remote working is now ubiquitous, taking home office ergonomics into account when choosing tiny house furniture is a must. It’s not just about the pieces you choose, but how they are arranged within the space that’s available to keep you comfortable and productive throughout the working day.

Floating corner TV stand

It’s challenging to use a corner of your tiny home for something other than a houseplant, but a floating corner TV stand is a perfect solution that leaves the prime wall space for other amenities. 

Nail some corner shelving above the TV, and you get even more room for storage and add vertical layering to the space. 


This Furniture of America Sukhumi 47-inch wall-mounted TV stand is available in cappuccino and walnut oak color. It has three open display shelves with the middle shelf taking care of wiring through an opening in the back. 

Folding chairs

Chairs that fold flat can be easily stored virtually anywhere. They are a perfect addition to a drop-leaf kitchen table or wall-mounted desk. Folding chairs have saved the day at many dinner parties when extra guests showed up. 


There are many stylish and comfortable chairs to choose from, like this Maple Wood Padded Folding Chair that we choose. 

Alternatively, for those seeking a more modern aesthetic, consider options from Chairforce New Zealand. They offer a beautiful and durable range of high-quality plastic chairs that are UV-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

With an extensive collection available online, Chairforce caters to a variety of styles and preferences. Whether you’re in Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand, you can conveniently order your choice of furniture for delivery, or visit their showroom to appreciate the quality firsthand.

Made from Wisconsin Maple, it has a timeless look to it that fits just as great in rustic and modern interiors. You can choose between five different wood finishes and nine upholstery options.

TV lift cabinet

Another way to steal a TV space in your tiny home is to use a thin TV lift cabinet. Click a button, and your TV slides away when you don’t need to. 

This way, your living spaces look less cluttered, and you can use the top of the cabinet to display art or collectibles.


If your TV is no bigger than 48”, you should check out the Outdoor Hidden TV Lift Cabinet from Hinterland Supply. As its name says, you can set it up on your porch, as it’s rated both for cold and hot environments. Your TV is completely protected from mold, mildew, and insects. 

But the thing is that this TV cabinet is so sleek and stylish that you can easily fit it into your tiny house living space. The cabinet is made from sustainably sourced Brazilian walnut and has a 10-year warranty. Sweet!

Wrapping up

Furnishing your tiny house requires a different approach than fitting a regular house or apartment. Tiny furniture is generally smaller but also designed to maximize usable space. These pieces of furniture are often mounted to be collapsible, foldable, or as multifunctional pieces.

Whether you’re buying from a big-box store or hiring a skilled professional to custom-build it for you, let these tiny house furniture ideas be your guide.