As mentioned in our previous article, Tiny House Builders in Washington, not all tiny houses are created equal. And by that, we mean that there are some key points to consider before choosing the right builder for your project. Here’s a refresher on the most important aspects to consider:

  • How long have they been in business? Go for a more experienced tiny house builder and you’re more likely to get someone who knows what works and what doesn’t.
  • Can they build exactly what I’m looking for? While some tiny house builders focus on set designs, there are also builders out there who will take your design dreams and make them a reality!
  • What kinds of material do they use? Take a look at some of the tiny houses they built in the past. Make sure they use quality materials that will make your tiny house last!
  • Have they built a lot of tiny houses? Tiny house builders often come from other types of building backgrounds, and may not know what’s what (even if they claim to). Make sure they’ve built other tiny houses before.

Massachusets remains a State where regulations regarding tiny houses are not too strict! For instance, it is generally easier to build a tiny house if it is on fixed foundations in this State since a lot of counties and cities accept accessory dwelling units! You can get a list of those cities here. Tiny houses on wheels are trickier since it has not been decided how they are considered legally. You can check our article about tiny house laws in the US for more information regarding regulation in this state!

B&B Micro Manufacturing

B&B Micro Manufacturing - Arcadia model

B&B Micro Manufacturing - Arcadia model

B&B Micro Manufacturing - Arcadia model

B&B Micro Manufacturing - Hoosic model

B&B Micro Manufacturing - Hoosic model

B&B Micro Manufacturing - Hoosic model

B&B Micro Manufacturing is one of the leaders regarding tiny house building. They have a team of 35 qualified builders. They started building tiny houses back in 2015, but had experience for many years before in full size construction. You can either choose from their selection of tiny house models, or build a one from scratch. They offer fixed foundations models that are a little bit bigger (between 480 and 800 square feet) aswell. If you are looking for a high quality tiny house made by a well established company, this is a great option for you. You can check out different projects they made on their website or on their Instagram profile. As a side note, they also do commercial tiny house projects as showcased on their website!

Location: North Adams, Massachusetts

Tiny houses on wheels: yes

Tiny houses on foundations: yes

Custom builds: yes

Certifications: Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Certified Builder

Tiny house financing partners: Adams Community Bank, LightStream

Price: Lots of options from 39 000$ to 90 000$.

Contact B&B Micro Manufacturing for more information!

Unfortunately for this State, there are not a lot of «tiny house» specialized builders. You can find other general construction builders easily tho. If you had some experience with other builders in this State, let us know your experience. We will add it to this article to help other tiny house enthusiasts like you! You can send us a message here.