Boxabl homes are portable buildings that are stackable and highly modular. They can be unpacked on-site in an hour. Boxabl homes come with all essential utilities and amenities, so you don’t have to bother with additional setup costs. 

They are usually not available, so you’ll need to do a pre-order at this link.

What are Boxabl homes?

Boxabl homes are a new modular housing system on the market that provides an ultra-modern alternative to traditional homes. These box houses use cutting-edge materials and the latest technologies. 

Based on a compact studio-like floor plan, Boxabl Home is an excellent option for people who don’t want to be bogged down by a 30-year mortgage and figuring out how to spend the rest of their lives paying for their home. 


The initial Boxabl model was the Casita. It’s a single-bedroom apartment with a full-sized kitchen, a living area, and a bedroom area. In other words, it contains all the conventional utilities you’d expect from a living space. 

Casita is not small in the context of the tiny house movement. Think of it as a converted double-vehicle garage the size of 375 square feet that has been transformed into a studio apartment. 

This compact living space comes fully equipped with a family-size refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and a big window above the sink. 

Sliding glass doors reveal a full-sized bathroom with a shower, tub, lighted mirrors, and plenty of storage drawers. Heating and air-conditioning are pre-installed, as is the built-in LED lighting.

Apart from the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, this open-floor layout tiny house has a built-in ironing center, washer, and dryer, supported by a broad plank composite flooring.


These units are highly energy-efficient, mainly thanks to the custom insulation technology with a high R-value. The thermal bridging is minimal, which means lower utility bills. 

What are Boxabl Homes made of?

Boxabl Homes are made out of quality construction materials, including steel, concrete, and EPS foam which are non-degradable and have a long life. This makes them just as safe and durable as traditional homes. 

What is more, the building process for a Boxabl unit creates much less construction waste than you’d find on a typical construction site. This makes Boxabl homes more acceptable to homeowners concerned with reducing their environmental footprint from the building phase to the removal or demolition.

On the outside, these houses are covered in steel skin. This material is architecturally neutral and easy to customize, allowing you to design a space you can call your own. 

The flat roof system is also easy to modify, so you can install a second floor for additional living space. 

Why should you switch to Boxabl homes?

In short, because of:

  • Smaller environmental footprint
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency
  • The fact that they are legal in all states

The environmental footprint of traditional buildings is far greater than that of Boxabl solutions. According to the EPA, the US construction industry’s debris production is twice the amount of all municipal solid waste. 

Boxabl homes are more efficient in terms of heating, cooling, and ventilation than traditional construction. The savings on utilities can be staggering. Total utility costs can be as low as $28 a month for a small Boxabl unit. 

Actually, the popularity of Boxabl homes soared when the electric vehicle pioneer Elon Musk purchased one 300-square-foot Boxabl to use as a guest house at his property in Texas. 

Perhaps the biggest perk of these tiny houses is that they are legal in all states. Thanks to their modular approval, Boxabl homes are not classified as tiny houses, so they are approved in the entire US. 

However, before purchasing a Boxabl home, check your zoning laws. Boxabl partnered with, which helps you see whether you can build one on your land or not. 

On the delivery day

Every piece of a Boxabl house is manufactured in-house. Once complete, the home folds into a 20 by 8.5 feet wide package and can be delivered anywhere on a truck, train, sea, and even air. 


The 20 by 8.5-foot box still has about 5 feet of uncompressed space, which is enough to fit all the furnishings and amenities. 

When delivered to your plot, it takes less than two hours to unfold. This literally means you can leave the empty lot for lunch and return to a fully assembled home. 

And once again, you can purchase one by pre-ordering it from here.


Are Boxabl Homes hurricane-proof?

Yes, Boxabl Homes are rated for hurricane-speed winds. This means they can handle the worst wind conditions in North America. 

Can Boxabl homes withstand heavy snow loads?

Yes, Boxabl homes can withstand heavy snow loads. The basic roof system is flat and rated for specific snow loadings. However, if you live in an area with lots of snow, your installer can request plans for a pitched roof. 

Are Boxabl designs fireproof?

No, Boxabl designs are not completely fireproof. However, the entire building exterior and interior are made of non-combustible materials, which significantly lowers the chance of a fire. 

Are Boxabl homes resistant to moisture and mold?

Yes, Boxabl homes are resistant to moisture and mold. In the event of flooding, Boxabl structures sustain much less water damage as they don’t contain standard lumber or sheetrock. The choice of material also allows them to be mold-resistant.

Are Boxabl homes stackable?

Yes, Boxabl homes are stackable, on top of or next to each other. This way, you can get additional space, such as a dedicated dining space, additional bedrooms for kids, etc. 


How long does it take to put together a Boxabl home?

Putting together a Boxabl home takes a little more than one hour if you hire a state-licensed installer. Once you purchase a unit, Bixable will connect you to your local installer. 

Can I set up my Boxabl home off-grid?

Yes, you can set up your Boxabl home for off-grid utilities. Water tanks and solar panels integrate with your Boxabl home like regular utilities. 

What’s the Boxabl home layout like?

The Boxabl home layout for the most popular Casita models consists of a bedroom area, living area, full-size kitchen, and a bathroom. Plenty of windows maximize the natural light while dimmable lighting is also installed. 

Can I order a customized Boxabl home?

No, you can’t order a customized Boxabl home. At the moment, the company doesn’t offer pre-fabricated customizations. If you want to modify or customize your Boxabl, you can do it after it’s delivered to you. The distribution of space in every Boxabl home is optimized to provide comfort to differently-abled individuals.  

Wrapping up

Tiny homes are becoming more popular as more people are abandoning the idea of paying for a traditional home for their entire life.

Besides, Boxabl homes have set up a new milestone in sustainability and energy efficiency, as well as usable space.

This also appeals to new homeowners, who value new experiences and innovation more than the number of bedrooms and clutter of traditional homes. 

So whether you’re looking to build an affordable roof over your head, a granny apartment, or a beach house, don’t wait for too long. 

In 2021, the Casita model had a 47,000-person waiting list. 

And with Musk already moved in, the waitlist hardly got any shorter.