The unique look of this 196 square foot tiny house dome is that of a smooth rock or futuristic structure at Disney World. Made up of fiberglass reinforced plastic, this tiny dome can withstand hurricane force winds and up to 30 ft of snowfall pressure. The dome-style accomodation is perfect for “glamping” or long-term accommodation out in the elements.

Everything in One

This dome literally has everything under one roof–kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The toilet would need to be either an outhouse or the good ol’ fashioned outdoors. The inside of the dome is really quite spacious. Multiple sofas and beds can fit along the curved inner wall. A small wood stove with cooktop has the capacity to heat the space and cook meals at the same time. Multiple windows allow natural light without impacting the strength of the dome. This tiny house dome is truly a force to be reckoned with!

Notice how large and spacious the dome shape really is.

Interested in this dome for your next camping experience? You can make it yours for only $9500. Please note; prices may vary over time.

All images are from Tiny House Listings.