Consider all of the utility that needs to go into a bathroom. The amount of function versus available space in a tiny house bathroom means you need to be extra efficient when it comes to design. Luckily, with a little creative thinking and some research, you won’t have to sacrifice practicality for design.

First, here is a checklist of some essentials to help you on your quest for the perfect tiny house bathroom!

  • Toilet - There are many options, but you will likely want one that requires little maintenance and is good to the environment!
  • Sink - How close is the kitchen sink? If you still want a bathroom sink, there are a few different options that are popular in the tiny house community.
  • Shower - There are plenty of options from tubs to walk in showers. You just need to choose one that best suits your needs.
  • Ventilation - An important factor to avoid mold.

Without further ado, here are some tiny house bathroom ideas that will hopefully provide some big inspiration.

Wet Bathroom

Essentially, your entire bathroom is the shower. While this is a particularly great idea for space saving, it can also be tricky when it comes to moisture control. Check out this waterproofing system that will save your walls.

Pro Tip: While heavy, tiles are a great option for waterproofing and design options! A light color tile can also make a tiny space look bigger.


Galvanized Tub

Pretty much anyone can soak in this rustic-chic tub. The durability and lightness of the metal is a huge plus, as well as the the fact that the metal is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other freestanding tubs.


Composting Toilet

Finding the perfect porcelain throne for your tiny home can be daunting for obvious reasons. A really useful and sustainable option is the composting toilet which doesn’t require any plumbing and actually benefits the environment.


Go Mirrorless

Is a mirror something you can live without? Consider putting the mirror elsewhere or forgoing one altogether. Leaving a mirror out of your tiny bathroom leaves more room for shelving or additional storage. Other options include installing a mirror on the back of a door or inside a medicine cabinet.


Sliding Door

Your tiny house bathroom layout is already small, why make it even smaller by adding an inward swinging door? A sliding door is your best option. It will always stay parallel to a rail and looks quite stylish!


Toilet + Sink

In the spirit of universal design, this toilet-sink combo is as eco-friendly as it is design-friendly. The sink uses recycled water which cuts down on your water bill, while also conserving space–a key factor in a tiny house bathroom.


Corner Tub

Super stylish and space-saving, this tiny bathtub is perfect for a tiny house bathroom. With the biggest obstacle being space, this tiny tub makes a small bathroom appear bigger.


Sink in Shower

This is another great alternative when it comes to saving floor space. A tiny corner sink installed in the shower is a smart way to maximize on space but still have all of the bathroom amenities.


Rustic Wooden Tub

Sacrificing design to conserve space doesn’t have to be an issue. This tiny wooden tub catches water like a traditional shower pan and looks good doing it. A curtain hanging from the ceiling keeps water from splashing onto the walls and allows you to really utilize the tiny space.



A solid way to save space and make an area look bigger is to eliminate the tub and add a walk in shower. With glass walls surrounding the shower, it will make the room look bigger but also be far more durable than a shower curtain. If you’re not yet ready to give up the bathtub, then you can also add glass enclosures to a tub.


When it comes to a tiny bathroom, sacrificing style for efficiency doesn’t have to be a problem. While you could choose to not have an indoor bathroom at all, it’s good to know all of your options before committing to the outdoor bucket. The most important thing is choosing what fixtures and amenities best suit your lifestyle and budget.

In addition to the 10 creative ideas for your tiny house bathroom, another option worth considering is the inclusion of a sauna or a cold tub.

While these may seem unconventional for a small space, they offer unique benefits that can enhance your bathroom experience. One of the main benefits of a sauna is its ability to promote relaxation and relieve stress, not to mention its healing power.

For an extra touch of luxury in tiny house bathrooms, consider a Jacuzzi walk-in tub costing between $4,800 - $10,000, it blends indulgence with accessibility, offering a spa-like experience in the comfort of your small space.Incorporating a compact sauna into your tiny house bathroom can create a mini oasis for self-care and wellness.

On the other hand, a cold tub, also known as a cold plunge or ice bath, offers a contrasting experience with numerous advantages. Adding a small cold tub to your bathroom provides a refreshing and invigorating option for those who enjoy the benefits of cold therapy.

Both saunas and cold tubs can contribute to your overall well-being and provide a spa-like experience within the confines of your tiny house bathroom.

Depending on your preferences and available space, you can choose to include either one of these features to create a unique and personalized bathing retreat. Remember to consider the necessary ventilation and insulation requirements to ensure the proper functioning and comfort of these additions.